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As pastor of a contagious congregation of people who are being taught and grown in the Word of God, we are excited to have you share with us on our website.  Take a moment to view some of what we are about, hoping that you will find that our zeal about God's work/serving our fellowman is indeed contagious!  We desire that men, women, boys and girls everywhere will catch what we have and help spread it all over our nation and world.

Through our six ministries, I am indeed proud of what we do, and are, as a praying people of God who are being taught and grown!

Discover; and always know that you are welcome to become one with us and can join us the week as you will discover times and places by your visit to this website.

Always know that we are yours, because of Christ Jesus.

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Rev. Calvin McKinney

Teaching, preaching and leading at Calvary BC since 1972!

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Our Mission

Our aim is to bring men, women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of Jesus the Christ as Lord. By doing such we believe that all mankind will purpose to live before God the Father as his children by faith. Said faith is to be strengthened and developed through the teachings of the word of God, the Holy Bible, which is all about the living word, Christ Jesus our Lord. Said teachings will insure the maturation process of all believers as sons and daughters of God by faith. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Our maturity will then be evidenced in each of us living as Christian witnesses of the word of God for the glory of God, the edification of fellow believers and the salvation of souls that are lost at home; among relatives and friends; in our neighborhoods and community; among those we do not necessarily care for; even unto the uttermost parts of the world. (Acts 1:8) Let us, as the Calvary Baptist Church of North Jersey at Garfield, become such a people who have been "Taught and Grown" who will obligate ourselves to "Teach and Grow others to become a people of God by faith. We can accomplish such through our six ministries: